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Light towers for hire that are fuel-efficient lights for industries including construction, rental, and events
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We Hire various makes of tower lights which include the Atlas copco H5, the SLT5000 and v20 Light Tower


Atlas Copco High-Lite Site Lighting

The HiLight range of light towers were designed to offer the widest choice when it comes to finding the light tower that is right for your application. W e provide a wide range of industries with a flexible and dynamic set of lighting options, while addressing all aspects of efficiency and safety. You can also be assured of the robust build quality and compact size for which Atlas Copco is globally recognised.
Atlas Copco have really put their innovation stamp on LED technology. The lenses in our LED light towers have a very special optic designed specifically for construction and mining applications.
This innovative, fully directional, LED lens design means we maximise the light
coverage and reduce “lighting waste”. A single HiLight tower can cover an area of
up to 5.000 m2 with a 20 lux (brightness) average – ensuring a brighter, safer and
more productive site.

Technical data: HiLight H5+
Rated power (PRP) kW 2,7
Engine model Hatz 1 B 50
Fuel tank capacity l 120
Fuel autonomy h 185
Wattage W 4 x 350
Type Hydraulic
Maximum height mm 8000

Sound pressure level (LpA) at 7m dB(A) 65

Dimensions (inc. Transport fix towbar)
Length mm 2300
Width mm 1280
Height mm 2485
Weight kg 1050

SLT5000 Tower Light

4.5kVA / 3.6kW

4 x 200 watt LED lighting heads mounted on a 5.4m hand operated mast. Highly portable, quickly and easily erected by a single operator. Extremely versatile with lights operating while using either 115V or 230V AC generator outputs. Yanmar L70 electric start air cooled diesel engine coupled to a Meccalte alternator. *NEW FOR 2020 – Mast anti-collapse safety device fitted.

OUTPUT: 4.5kVA / 3.6kW
SOCKETS: 1 x 16a 115v / 1 x 32a 115v / 1 x 16a 230v
ENGINE: Yanmar L70V (EU Stage V)
START: Electric
FUEL TANK: 34 Litres
RUN TIME: 29 Hours
NOISE LEVEL: 67dBA @ 7 Meters
DIMENSIONS: L1150 x W1050 x H2390mm
OPTIONS: Road Tow Trailer

V20 light tower

The V20 light tower is a brand-new mobile light tower equipped with 4x320W high efficiency LED lamp floodlights. More than 140 hours of running time and one of the lowest sound pressure level in the industry: only 58 dB(A) at 7 meters.

Digital controller

The V20 is equipped with a digital controller specifically studied to manage every function of the light tower for the best ease of use.

Generac LED lamps

4 x 320W high efficiency LED floodlights designed by Generac Mobile®.

Low voltage LED

The floodlights are powered with low voltage 48 Volts. No more high voltages on external cables. Safety as a must!

Top accessibility

3 doors for a wider access. 2 compass-top doors with «wing» shape provide a complete access to the engine for a safe and convenient maintenance. 1 back door allows the access to the digital control panel.

RLS – Rapid Locking Stabilisers

The special shape of the adjustable stabilisers allows the operator to level the V20 light tower in few seconds.

The lowest noise level!

Innovation means also decreasing the noise level! The V20 light tower emits only 58 dB(A) @ 7 meters.

Long running time

Thanks to the V20’s fuel saving features such as the small engine and the LED lamps, this model can run up to 143 hours without refuelling.

Double power

You can connect a V20 to another V20 and run two lighting towers with only one engine.

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