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Explore East Midland’s Largest Telehandler Fleet

If you want to move large, heavy goods reliably and efficiently, think about hiring a telehandler. A telehandler, sometimes called a telescopic handler, is a multipurpose instrument that may be used to lift, move, and place things at different heights and distances. Numerous jobs can be accomplished with an additional telehandler attachment, such as a platform, winch, bucket, or fork. 

About Telehandlers

Vehicles having a boom arm that extends forward and upward from the front are referred to as telehandlers, sometimes known as boom lifts or telehandler forklifts. Forklift telehandlers are perfect for the construction sector for lifting large items and getting rid of hazardous garbage. These vehicles range in length from 4 metres to 46 metres and are built with complete four-wheel drive. Manitou telehandlers are available in a range of dimensions, features, and lifting capabilities. Longer reach reduces lifting ability, and extension length influences it. Industrial telehandlers with four-wheel drive and steering are available from plant rental companies in the UK.

Picking the Right Tele handler

Excellent lift tool options for labourers and construction workers include telehandlers. Their weight capacities and maximum lift heights differ, but they nevertheless provide excellent performance. There are several telehandler models available from JB Tool Hires, but choosing the best model is essential for the best outcomes. While smaller versions could be less costly, they might not be able to reach high altitudes. A higher lift height is required for larger structures. For best outcomes, the maximum lift height of each model matters.

Why Select JB Tool Hire for Your Tele handler Hire

We offer a diverse range of telehandlers for hire, including JCB telehandlers such as JCB 540 telehandler, JCB 535 telehandler, and long-reach machinery, suitable for various jobs like house building and industrial waste disposal. We offer various types of telehandlers to choose from: fixed cab telehandler vehicles, rotating telehandlers, cat tele handlers, and manitou telehandlers. Fixed cab telehandlers can lift higher max loads safely while rotating cab telehandlers are more flexible and suitable for most sites. Our fleet includes various sizes and accessories, with our largest telehandlers capable of lifting over 200 kg at full reach and 4,000 kg at max lift height. You can hire telehandlers for various durations, with the biggest difference being the deposit size and overall costs.

Telehandler fleet for hire and services JB Tool Hire provides

With a lifting capability of 3200 kg and a maximum reach of 4.16 metres, the Manitou MT732 telehandler is a sturdy, little forklift. It is appropriate for construction, agriculture, and material handling. The JCB 530-70 WASTEMASTER LOADALL can lift up to 3000 kg and has a 7.0-meter reach, making it an extremely agile tool. The accuracy and comfort of the Linde HD35D forklift are provided. For heavy-duty telehandler jobs, the Manitou MT1030S, MT1235ST, and MT1440 Easy are appropriate.


Whether you need a telehandler for construction, landscaping, agriculture, or industry, JB Tool Hire has the largest fleet in the East Midlands and the ideal tools for the job. JB Tool Hire has been providing excellent telehandler rentals and services to its local clientele for over thirty years. JB Tool Hire offers a wide range of telehandlers from brands such as JCB, Manitou, Cat, and others. Furthermore, JB Tool Hire offers flexible rental terms, affordable prices, and professional advice and help.