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Working Safely at Height: Access Equipment Hire

Mobile elevating work plants, or access plants (MEWPs), are necessary for both safe and useful working at heights. These flexible equipment enable workers to do jobs more efficiently, which is vital for a variety of enterprises. Since renting an access platform saves money on equipment maintenance and purchase up front, it’s frequently the most economical choice for short-term operations. We are an industry-leading enterprise in the East Midlands dedicated to providing high-quality access equipment hire

Types of Access Equipments Hire: Understanding Your Options

The most popular kinds of access equipments for hire in the UK take into factors including weight capacity, task kind, working height, and geographical restrictions.

SCISSOR LIFTS: Scissor Lifts for Hire in the UK are mainly of 3 categories, The SCISSOR LIFT 10M TERRAIN, is a self-propelled electric lift suitable for building sites and tough terrain. Featuring an autonomous pothole protection system, a unidirectional extension platform, and terrain tyres. The SCISSOR LIFT 8M ELECTRIC is for small spaces, enterprises, warehouses, and interior maintenance. The 10M Terrain can hold two people and tools, with an electric motor and non-marking tyres.

STAR ACCESS PLATFORM 10M: At heights of up to 10 metres, the STAR Access Platform 10M is a dependable, effective, and easy-to-use instrument with low maintenance and noise emissions.

Cherry Pickers: Cherry pickers for hire are truck-mounted boom lifts with a large reach and direct access to work sites, are utilised in telecommunications, signs, and local government industries.

TRUCK MOUNT ACCESS 20M CHERRY PICKER: With a 19.8-meter working height, the 20M Truck Mount Access Cherry Picker is a multipurpose equipment that’s perfect for jobs like window cleaning, sign installation, bridge inspections, and roofing without trailers.

GENIE LIFT (GENIE LIFT 15M): The genie lifts for hire in the UK come in two forms GS-4069 RT for rough terrain and GS-4655 E-Drive with an electric lift operating at 16.01m. Genie scissor lifts are robust, user-friendly, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, producing less noise pollution, and requiring less training due to their power source.

Choosing the Right Access Equipment Hire

With their large selection of access equipment for hire JB Tool Hire UK can help you choose the right equipment, such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, cherry pickers, and genie lifts for Hire. Their experienced staff members can assist you in making decisions and ensure a timely and safe completion of the work.