Propane FLT Gas

Forklift gas is perfect for industrial and trade use.

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Popular, efficient and flexible forklift fuel.

Forklift gas is perfect for industrial and trade use.

Both Calor and FloGas FLT gas cylinders contain magnets, attracting any metallic debris. When the cylinders go through testing, the magnets are replaced to ensure during future use it is able to work at full capacity.

Calor cylinder dip tubes within the cylinder are made from a ‘memory plastic’, they are more flexible than your standard steel dip tubes – meaning they are unlikely to fracture and interrupt your business operations.

FloGas cylinders have ‘Y-Strainer’ filters which protect the pumps and to aid additional filtration before gas reaches the FLT.

If you are looking for Propane for other uses, please browse our standard Propane range.

Please be aware, Calor and FloGas are currently trading on a like for like basis. You must have an empty cylinder/s for the exact gas you wish to exchange your cylinder/s for.

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