10.0kVA Super Silent Diesel Generator
• DSE 3110 control module –
Battery isolator and emergency stop button for safety.
• Lifting eye.
• Oil drain facility .
• Remote start facility.
Fuel tank drain facility.

Tracked Hydraulic Wood Chipper

Timberwolf Tracked Commercial Wood Chippers are ideal for narrow access areas, soft ground, or uneven and sloping terrain.

JCB 45 kVA Diesel Generator

At the heart of this generator range is the JCB Diesel by Kohler engines. JCB’s engine range ensures tried and proven performance, economy and low noise to support you daily in any application.

18″ Diesel Floor Saw

The Clipper CS1 floor saw is a robust powerful machine for all types or repair work to both concrete and asphalt surface. An integral 70 litre (petrol model) or 40 litre (diesel model) water tank permits wet cutting to take place almost anywhere.

Telehandler 7m

Manitou’s innovative handling solutions in the construction, agricultural, and industrial markets have revolutionized the way customers look at their applications.


Propane gas cylinders are perfect for a range of heating and cooking uses – such as commercial catering and caravanning.

10ton Dumper

The latest PT10000 Power Tip dumper is a true ten tonne machine with the largest heaped capacity in class.

Propane Gaslight & Leisure Gas

Gaslight and Leisure Gas cylinders have a more specific use than other Propane cylinders – they are recommended for use with BBQ’s and patio heaters.

Electric Mixer

Used to consolidate concrete of different consistencies in formwork for foundation columns and pillars with or without reinforcement.

Propane Patio Gas

These cylinders have a more specific use than other Propane cylinders – they are recommended for use with BBQ’s and outdoor heaters.


Butane gas is ideal for use while camping and carvanning or used with an indoor portable heater.


Campingaz are a pioneer in portable energy solutions, facilitating the enjoyment of living and cooking outdoors.

Sureshield 5

Offering optimal results for MIG/MAG welding, Sureshield 5 is the go to shielding gas for low alloy, carbon manganese and thin sheet carbon steels.

Sureshield 15

A shielding tri-mix for MIG/MAG welding low alloy, carbon manganese and sheet carbon steels, Sureshield 15 performs best on thicker sections of 6mm and over.

Sureshield 20

Sureshield 20 is one of our heavy duty MIG/MAG shielding gases, designed for sheet carbon, low alloy and carbon manganese steels of a thickness over 10mm.


Argon is most commonly used in TIG and MIG welding applications.


Oxygen is most commonly known as a gas which aids combustion for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering.

Bosch Power Tools for Professionals

Combo Kits

Elevate your craftsmanship with Bosch Power Tools for Professionals. Unrivalled performance and precision engineering. Buy now for lasting durability and excellence in your projects.

View a list of available tools under the below specifications tab.


Acetylene is an industry standard fuel gas which you can use to give an incredibly high flame temperature; consequently providing faster cutting speeds, increasing productivity and improving cut quality.


Nitrogen is a non-corrosive, inert gas which is commonly used for purging, blanketing, heat treatment and as an assist gas for plasma/laser cutting applications.


Most commonly known for filling balloons, Helium is one of the lightest gases due to it’s low density and small atom radius, this is why it is particularly good at finding leaks in pressurised systems.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide’s most common use is for MAG welding carbon steels using solid or flux cored wire.


For MAG welding stainless steels, ArC2 achieves better results than if pure Argon is used.


ArC8 is a versatile MAG welding gas for low/non-alloy steel, with a use typically for spray arc and pulse welding.


ArC20 is a two-component active shielding gas for MAG welding carbon, low-alloy and carbon manganese steel.


ArO2 is an active shielding gas for MAG welding stainless steel, most commonly used for pulsed arc transfer.