Site Lighting for Hire

The SITELIGHT 908 LIGHTING TOWER is mounted on a custom built fast tow road trailer. The four 1000W metal halide lamps give unrivalled light quality, literally turning "night into day". A fully automatic hydraulic mast incorporating a 360 rotating system make the SITELIGHT 908 the first choice for all mobile lighting applications. The compact design of the SITELIGHT 908 enables 10 units to be loaded onto a standard 40ft flat bed truck for delivery and collection. The SITELIGHT 908 is constructed from heavy duty hot dip galvanized sheet steel, which is then powder coated to off shore marine specifications ensuring that the SITELIGHT 908 is highly protected from the high salt environment encountered on major roads and motorway construction sites. The 9 KVA alternator ensures that the unit is not over taxed during the spike up period of the four 1000W metal halide light heads. Each head and socket is protected by an individual mccb enabling varying light or power options. As a Link Light system you can power 50 units from a single 150 kVA generator.

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