Roller Breaker & Trailer for Hire

'Roller Breaker & Trailer Designed for the compaction of granular and asphalt materials ; Terex Pedestrian Rollers provide class leading performance in the development of highway repair footpaths cycle lanes playgrounds and landscaping environments. for you. All Terex Pedestrian Rollers provide superb balance making them easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. The Terex 1-71 is fitted with a steady prop whilst the Terex® MBR-71 is fitted with a front prop and jockey wheel to help support the machine when not in use. A freewheel system is fitted as standard so that if the machine stops working you can still move it easily. Rubber couplings in the drum reduce vibration transfer for low hand-arm (HAV) levels for additional comfort. The drum is driven by a duplex chain and heavy duty reduction gear for extra strength 0110

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