JCB 2CX Airmaster c/w Compressor for Hire

JCB Airmaster tractaire compact backhoe loader 6 in 1 Bucket JCB 2CX Backhoe Airmaster Every 2CX tractaire compact backhoe loader features a powerful self-levelling loader with high lift capacities and breakout forces maximising productivity while also being able to maintain the load level during raise and lower cycles. And for enhanced versatility an optional hydraulic loader Quickhitch lets you switch quickly between shovel and forks. These machines also work hard for the operator: a ROPS/FOPS canopy or cab provides a safe and roomy environment; exceptional visibility improves productivity and safety; and a low-noise environment reduces fatigue. From this superb base each machine then offers its own unique benefits. First the 2CX tractaire compact backhoe loader and 2CXS tractaire compact backhoe loader boast a side-shift back-end design. Available with either a fixed or Extradig dipper one can maximise backhoe performance and production with these powerful machines. With a rear-mounted air compressor the 2CX Airmaster tractaire compact backhoe loader can run hand-held air-tool attachments making roadway maintenance much easier. And finally for rehandling material or any other loader-based function with the 2CXL tractaire compact backhoe loader utility loader you’ve got a dedicated loader designed for high productivity. The 2CX Streetmaster tractaire compact backhoe loader has an excavator quickhitch extending dipper streetpads and hammer pipework as standard allowing it to utilise its compact dimensions effectively in the utilities markets. The JCB hydraulic hand-held tool circuit an industry exclusive can run a variety of tools including breakers pumps and disc-cutters

JCB 2CX Airmaster Tractaire Technical Specification

JCB 2CX Airmaster Tractaire Brochure


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