Chip spreader for pre-coated chippings for Hire

The 'Bristowes' pre-coated chip spreader is a unique self-propelled machine for laying of pre-coated chippings when surfacing in HRA. Latest design features incorporate hydraulic transmission, variable forward/reverse road speeds, distribution auger in place of travelling top hopper and a variety of enhanced safety features including 'dead man's handle'. Applications of Chip Spreader Chip spreader is one of the important machine for the maintenance of an infrastructure. Its other applications are : Chip spreader distributes different quantities of chips for optimum grip of asphalt layers evenly. Chip can be distributed directly behind the pavers. It can also be applied to bituminous chips also. Chip flows continuously without the problems of oversized grains and humidity.

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<p>Asphalt Chip Spreader</p>

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