Caterpillar Mini Hydrauilc Digger / Excavator for Hire

Caterpillar Mini Hydraulic Digger / Excavator 301.4c for Hire

Benefits & Features:

Easy Transportation

Caterpillar Mini Hydrauilc Excavator is compact in size and weighing just 1380 kg (3,042 lb) in standard configuration with canopy the Cat® 301.4C is easy to transport on a conventional trailer behind a pick up truck or transit van.  Two threaded bosses mounted in the roof allow fitting of crane lugs and simplify lifting of the machine.

Extending Undercarriage and Blade

Caterpillar Mini Hydrauilc Excavator has an extending undercarriage and fold out dozer blade allow the machine to be configured for excellent working stability and optimum performance.  Blade extensions simply rotate and lock out of the way using retained pins eliminating the potential for lost parts.

Powerful Engine and Load Sensing Hydraulics

Caterpillar Mini Hydrauilc Excavator has a 17.9 kW (24.3 hp) engine matched with a load sensing hydraulic system to provide excellent digging performance and smooth control. Low noise and vibration levels deliver comfortable operation.

High Bucket Breakout Force

The 301.4C Caterpillar Mini Hydrauilc Excavator delivers 16 kN (3,597 lbf) of bucket force, ideal for dealing with heavy ground and tough applications.

Auxiliary Hydraulics as Standard Fit

Machine is ‘ready to work.’ Hammer and two way lines complete with quick disconnect fittings are standard. Connections are located close to the tool to reduce hose lengths and any potential damage. Hoses are protected by routing them through the boom.

Boom Cylinder Protection

The boom cylinder is mounted above the boom structure to increase the machines durability and reduce the potential for downtime.


Specification for Caterpillar Mini Hydrauilc Excavator 

Height: 2276mm 

Width: 990mm 

Weight: 1380kg 

Max Digging Depth: 2240mm


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