80 ADL Roller for Hire

80 ADL Roller Tried-and-tested technology in a modern concept. Contractors and rental firms alike have a choice of 3 drum widths (800/900/1.000 mm) and 6 different models: tandem models BW 80 Roller AD-5 BW 90 Roller AD-5  Roller and BW 100 Roller ADM-5 clear-sided units BW 90 SC-5 and BW 100 SC-5 and the combination model BW 100 Roller ACM-5 A spacious driver‘s platform intuitive operation perfect visibility easy handling and the best sprinkler system in its class combine to give impressive performance capability. The new “5” series effortlessly meets world-wide compaction specifications for asphalt and granular layers. The impressive compaction output is based on a powerful exciter system – well proven over many years plus efficient high performance hydraulic and drive systems 0122'


Drum Width: 800mm 

Overall Width: 856mm

Height (inc ROPS frame): 2300mm

Operating Weight: 1.6kg 

Static Linear Load: 7 kg/cm

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Bomag-100-Asphalt Roller.gif

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