138 Vibrating Compaction Roller for Hire (Vib Roll)

138 Tandem/Twin Drum Vibrating Roller for Hire (Vib Roll).

The rollers work either with double vibration or with single vibration at the front. Automatic disconnection if the speed rises too high avoids marks on the surface of the asphalt or tarmac. The pressurised water sprinkling system is very reliable with corrosion-free tanks and lines and interval switch. Integrated safety The roll-over protective (ROPS) structure and seat belt provide for operational safety the ROPS being foldable as an option. A seat contact switch and automatic spring-loaded disk brakes are obligatory. All the rollers are compact in design and take up little space during transport. The eyes integrated in the supports allow for safe loading and securing. BW 135 The BW 135 AD is first choice for many small to medium-sized operations in highway construction and agricultural road projects. The machine weighs over three tons and features an operating width of 1300 mm respectively. It combines high static linear loads with large drum diameters – and that means good compaction on asphalt. Among the areas of application are inner city development projects highways and estate roads repair and maintenance and leisure and sportsground developments as well as agricultural road The BW 138 weighs in at over four tons and with an working width of 1380 mm and a powerful vibration system this is the power pack in the range.. With this kind of capacity it can be put to work directly behind a smaller road finisher the ideal alternative to heavy rollers in the 6 to 8 tonne class O130'


Drum Width: 1380mm 

Overall Width: 1460mm

Height (inc ROPS frame): 2705mm

Operating Weight: 4189kg 

Static Linear Load: 15.4 kg/cm 

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