Bobcat Mini Digger / Excavator for Hire

Bobcat E14 Mini Digger / Excavator for Hire

• Retractable undercarriage
• Easy to transport
• Smooth workgroup offering power and speed
• Compact size
• Long dipperstick

• 2nd speed
• Long dozer blade

Tough materials, tested design
Using highly durable materials makes the Bobcat E14
and E16 hard-wearing and robust. The design features
are tested under extreme conditions.
We’ve strengthened the boom and dipperstick and
use oversized cylinders with a cylinder-over-the-boom
design. In addition, the tail and sides are made of thick
steel plate. So you get more durability and reliability, for
greater peace of mind.
Digging and lifting performance
To get more done
The E14 and E16 give you top digging performance
and more breakout force. You can work in the toughest
conditions, in all kinds of grounds. Plus, they can dig
close to their undercarriage, for greater productivity in
the tightest areas.
Power at your fingertips
Picking up and placing heavy items is easy with the E14,
which can lift more than 300 kg, and the E16, which can
lift more than 350 kg.
Smooth and precise
Smooth operation without any loss of speed or
precision: that’s what the E14 and E16 hydraulics offer
you. So even in confined spaces, you are more relaxed
when operating your compact excavator.
Reach new heights
Safe, sound and roomy
Enhanced working range
The superior dumping height makes loading big trucks
easy, while the reach at ground level means you don’t
need to reposition as often when digging.
Increased visibility and stability
The long dozer blade provides better visibility for
dozing and allows you to pick up debris and clean up
the job site.
The fully expanded undercarriage and dozer blade give
you optimum stability.

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