Backhoe Excavator Loader for Hire

JBC 3CX Backhoe Loader Increased productivity The new high-performance three-pump hydraulic system also increases Extradig extending dipper speed and boosting productivity without affecting any other hydraulic service performance. This makes it easier for the operator to combine excavator functions simultaneously reducing cycle times and cutting operator effort for less fatigue throughout the working day The EcoDig system is controlled by a two-position rocker switch on the main console in the cab. This control offers the operator a choice between an ECO mode maximum efficiency and digging potential mode or Lo mode an ultimate machine control for fine grading and delicate groundworks profiling applications. Load more more quickly At the loader end of our new ECO machines thanks to EcoLoad along with high lift capacities and breakout forces and of course the outstanding DIESELMAX engine you can count on lifting and shifting more faster - these are the most efficient loaders in their class. First our return to dig feature automatically resets the shovel into the digging position. Then the selectable transmission disconnect diverts maximum hydraulic power from the engine to the loader arms so it’s quicker to lift the load. Incredible productivity EcoLoad also features a Hydraulic Speed Control (HSC) switch which – combined with high torque at low engine speed from our DIESELMAX engine – gives more tractive effort faster cycle times excellent pushing power and hill climbing performance. HSC also allows you to select one pump for finer more precise grading while in challenging conditions our LSD (limited slip differential) axles automatically kick in to provide additional traction. JCB’s 6-speed autoshift transmission features finer ratio gears for greater pushing power whilst a floor-mounted transmission kickdown switch allows the operator to downshift to a lower gear on the move for an 18% increase in pushing power. And of course we have also included our 4-ram parallel lift loader arms providing unhindered visibility to the front shovel

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