161 Vibrating Compaction Roller for Hire (Vib Roll).

161 Tandem/Twin Drum Vibrating Compaction Roller for Hire (Vib Roll). Fields of application Compaction of asphalt or tarmac layers, wear courses and frost blanket layers in new constructions and maintenance work on medium to large scale construction projects. Due to the excellent sealing of the surface and the kneading effect of the rubber tires particularly suitable for parking lots roads and asphalt or tarmac materials sensitive to scuffing. BOMAG compaction rollers with double pivot steering are particularly manoeuvrable clearly arranged machines with highest operating. O112


Drum Width: 1680mm

Overall Width: 1780mm 

Height: 2360mm

Operating Weight: 9190kg 

Static Linear Load: 27.1 kg/cm

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<p>BW161AD-4- Asphalt Road Roller</p>

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