Padfoot/Smooth Single Drum 120 Roller for Hire

The Ammann ASC 30 Soil Compactor squeezes into tight job-sites and provides productivity when it gets there.

Despite its smaller size, the ASC 30 – with a working width of 1200 mm – features a hydrostatic drive system and the high compaction force Ammann rollers are known for.

It also works on multiple soil types and in difficult underfoot conditions. A traction management system automatically adjusts if a drive component slips. The machine only stops when both drive wheels and the drum are without traction, resulting in maximum gradeability on any type of ground.

  • Modular structure of the rollers for different applications
  • Remarkable compaction parameters, despite their compact design
  • Easy transport with a maximum height of 2,47 m
  • With smooth or pad-foot drum (optional smooth drum segments available)
  • Four-way hydraulic dozer blade available (ASC 30) for backfilling and grading before compacting with the same machine
  • Fully automatic traction management system (twin-lock, for maximum gradeability on steep and uneven terrain)
  • Generously dimensioned drivers platform mounted completely vibration-free on rubber bearings
  • Optional enclosed cab with heating, rear window defrost and front and rear working lights is available
  • Modern and simple arranged cockpit
  • Cab, smooth drum shells, etc (optional)

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