Traffic Light Systems for Hire

RADIOCONNECT© MULTIPHASE & TWO-PHASE Portable Traffic Signals HOLLCO LTD have developed a very reliable, robust, user friendly and competitively priced set of MULTI-PHASE & TWO-PHASE RADIO lights.traffic signals Approved to Highways Agency UK Specification TR 2502A. AGD vehicle detector fitted as standard. LED optic assemblies fitted as standard. White Reflective Tape on metal backing board for high visibility. MULTI-PHASE operation with SECONDARY HEAD facility. Master Controllers can be used as MASTERS or SLAVES. Up to 36 DAYS (24 hour days) running time. Using our RC36 model. Night Dimming fitted as standard. Ergonomic telescopic handles for ease of movement. Designed using feedback from the traffic light industry. Manufactured in the UK. Strong plastic modular signal head with secure hinged doors. Powder coated rigid steel support frame bolted securely to the battery box - no loose post in steel socket. No exposed wiring. Battery boxes are electro plated for durability and are weatherproof and lockable.

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Traffic signals

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