Telehandler 14m for Hire

JCB 535-140 Loadall Telehandler Exceptional maneuverability ensures easy operation on all sites Narrow chassis good steering and axle lock reduced rear overhang all improve maneuverability. A choice of 3 steer modes: two-wheel steer four-wheel steer and crab. Optional patented auto-steer mode allows simple changes between the 3 steer modes with no need to align the wheels visually. Sway system on some models levels the machine on uneven ground. Effortless precision control results in maximum productivity Ergonomically positioned controls reduce operator fatigue. Intelligent grouping of dials and switches makes operation easier. Optional loader or placing pattern controls tailor the machine to the job. Load hold check valves are fitted to lift tilt and extension rams for safety in the event of a hose problem. Eye-level load moment indicator gives a progressive read out of forward stability. Incredible power and stable effective performance as standard JCB Dieselmax engine on most models provides high power and plenty of torque at a low engine speed. Multiple gear pumps result in fast cycle times. Transmission disconnect button diverts engine power for fast hydraulic cycles. Forks are automatically raised parallel to retain the load. Long wheelbase and low centre of gravity aid stability when working and roading. Stabilised models offer optional stabiliser downlights on the dashboard to indicate when stabilisers have taken the machine weight. Robust reliable durable design for daylong working Finite element analysis eliminates high-stress components for a long-life structure. One-piece fully welded chassis equals maximum strength and minimum weight. U-shaped boom pressing and fully welded closing plate add strength and reliability. Centrally mounted lift rams avoid offset stress. Electrophoretically dipping the cab prior to painting gives long-term corrosion protection. Folding lights prevent site damage. Ground-level servicing and 500-hour service intervals. Excellent all-round visibility enhances safety Hoses are routed inside the boom for improved visibility (and damage protection). Angled roof bars give optimum upwards visibility. Large cab and roof windows provide a clear view. O263'


Lift Capacity: 3500kg 

Lift Height: 12070mm 

Max Reach: 8100mm 

Width: 2350mm  

Height: 2590mm 


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