18" Diesel Floor Saw

The Clipper CS1 floor saw is a robust powerful machine for all types or repair work to both concrete and asphalt surface. An integral 70 litre (petrol model) or 40 litre (diesel model) water tank permits wet cutting to take place almost anywhere. An external water supply connection is fitted to the machine as standard allowing direct connection to a mains feed. The sturdy construction and use of top quality materials make the Clipper CS1 a reliable steady long-term performer. The CS1 has a long proven history and success in applications such as concrete and asphalt repair trench cutting for pipes and cables sawing traffic loop channels. Built in water tank permits wet cutting without connection to mains water supply. The design of the saw permits the use of two blades mounted together with a spacer allowing the cutting of channels up to 12.7mm (½"). Dashboard - mounted handwheel and screwfeed mechanism for cutting depth control; convenient and easy to use. Adjustable water flow control system ensuring adequate flow of water to optimise blade performance. Rigid front pointer with adjustable tip and guide wheel allowing the operator to maintain a straight accurate cut along his guide line. Power unit located over front axle for improved balance ease of manoeuvrability and increased cutting force of the diamond blade O133

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